Jalen W. (Accelerated Program). Delanie W. (Mom)

"Our journey began just a few months ago."

Jalen W. (Accelerated Program). Delanie W. (Mom)

My son Jalen, who plays both AAU basketball and flag football, didn’t think he was strong enough, didn’t think he had what it took. For a child, this may be tough on them mentally; we adults can almost always find a way through it. But boy was Jalen wrong about himself!

Since starting at Stacks, not only has Jalen gotten stronger, he’s gotten more confident too! It’s mind blowing! His performance and energy during his games has gone through the roof. He’s on the smaller side but he’s no longer anxious going into the paint to score. It’s amazing. I’ll tell anyone to give Stacks a chance. If you’re reading this then you’re already half way there. What do you have to lose?

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