Regaining Mobility After A Sports Injury

Sports (and life) have great potential to cause injury. Whether you were tackled, hit, or simply stepped wrong and fell hard, that injury can keep you on the sidelines of the big game. Injuries to joints especially, require a great deal of time and work to regain strength and mobility.

For most people, physical therapy is the key to recovery.

Recovery and Prevention Go Hand in Hand

At STACK Sports Performance and Therapy, we know that recovering from an injury is only half the battle. Our board certified physical therapists work with our patients and athletes strengthening muscles and increasing range of motion using both traditional techniques and cutting-edge technology. Our practices include therapies like dry needling, tens units, Normatec compression boots and sports and medical massage.

Once strength and mobility are both returning, we can begin to assess the mechanics of how you move with a Functional Movement Screen. This helps your Doctor of physical therapy to see which movements need to be retrained to prevent strain, fatigue, and future injury. By the time you are fully recovered, you may also find yourself stronger and more mobile than before!

Regain an Active Life

Sports is life for a lot of people. Don’t let your injury get in the way of doing what you love. We recognize the importance of returning to your life and being able to do everything you used to do, especially at the same level of endurance.

Recovering from injury can be a long road. But at Atlanta’s STACK Sports Performance and Therapy you’ll get the best care and training possible. Check out our physical therapy “menu” and find out how we can get you back to being active!

Posted on behalf of STACK Sports Training & Therapy