Drink Your Water! It Really is Good for You

By now, everyone has heard that they need to drink water throughout the day to keep their bodies healthy. Reports indicate that you should be drinking anywhere from 8 glasses a day to half your weight in ounces. Water plays a large part in your body’s systems: hydration, cooling, flushing out toxins. Water helps your brain function and your digestive system work. Are you getting enough at the right time?

Muscles Need Water, Too!

Whether you are working out, doing physical therapy or having a massage, your muscles also need water. Lactic acid or lactate is made when you don’t have enough oxygen to convert blood glucose into energy. So when you take your morning run and your high intensity sprint makes you pant and your muscles burn? The burn is the lactic acid building up. Your body typically creates it quicker than it can be used, and you need to get hydrated to flush it out. Otherwise, the muscle burn will turn to nausea or stomach pain. The feelings are temporary, but if you continually get them, you may need medical help.

Lactic Acidosis is Preventable.

To start with, keep yourself hydrated. While some may dismiss the 8-8oz glasses of water recommendation, it can be a good starting goal to keep mind and body hydrated. When you plan to work out, drink about 12-20 ounces 15-20 minutes before. Afterwards, drink another bottle or a cup of chocolate milk to provide the nutrition and energy your body needs to recover. Looking for help in reaching your health or fitness goals? STACK Sports Performance and Therapy in Atlanta can help you get there.

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