3 Tips to Help You Keep Your Weight Under Control This Holiday Season

The holidays are here and so are the added pounds.  This time of year brings on the temptation of overindulgence.  It can be hard to maintain your composure when you’re surrounded by eggnog, pumpkin pie, turkey stuffing, and mashed potatoes covered in gravy.

Before you know it – you’ve gained holiday weight. It could take months to undo what you did in a matter of weeks. Don’t overdo it this holiday season.  Here are some tips that will help you stay in control of that number that shows on your scale.

    1. Weigh yourself every day

Keeping track of your weight will do two things. First, if the number’s steadily rising it doesn’t mean the scale is broken.  It means you need to pass on the next offering of sweet potato pie. The second thing the scale does is show you that your efforts are working. If you’ve been controlling your appetite, then it’ll show in the number. You’ll feel proud of yourself and want to continue doing well.

    1. Bring your own healthy dish

If Thanksgiving dinner is going to be at your southern grandma’s home this year – you could offer to bring your own dish.  Make it something fresh and healthy so that you know you have better options than those calorie filled dishes.

  1. Eat healthy things first

Serve yourself a plate and make at least two-thirds of it with healthy foods. Eat these things first – that way you get full off of them – and you won’t eat as many coma-inducing foods.

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