4 Tips for Exercising in Cold Weather

Planning a destination race or keeping up with your workouts during a trip to cold weather climates? Don’t let the low temperatures keep you from enjoying your morning run.  With certain precautions you can ensure a safe and productive time outside.

  • Dress in Layers: As you progress throughout your work out and you sweat more and more, you can peel off articles of clothing. And during your cool down – as you begin to dry – you can replace them as necessary.
  • Preventing Frostbite:During a workout, most of our blood flow is concentrated in the core, leaving our extremities susceptible to frostbite. So, you’ll want to wear a hat and some gloves. Also, don’t forget to cover those ears.
  • Know the Signs: Hypothermia and frostbite aren’t two things that the active person should take lightly. Be responsible and know their signs. Stinging sensations are the beginning of numbness – and loss of feeling – which are signs of frostbite.

Hypothermia sets in when there’s intense shivering, loss of coordination, slurred speech, and fatigue. If you begin to notice any of these symptoms you should stop your workout immediately and seek medical attention.

  • Check the Weather: Before even going out, you should know what to expect during your workout. Strong winds, icy roads, and below freezing conditions are dangerous. So, you should be made aware of it, if that’s what’s to be expected during your outing. For your safety if conditions are too harsh, you’ll want to keep your workout indoors.

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Posted on behalf of STACK Sports Performance & Therapy