The Best Way to Train

Baseball is historically the national pastime. While it is no longer the most popular sport in the country -football holds that spot- at least half of the US adults still follow the sport. The professional spring training season has been going since the end of February while Little League and various other recreational leagues will start up again soon. It’s a great time to pick up a bat and ball and get out to the field!

When you’re getting ready for the season, you have to have the right training. Speed and strength are important, but so is learning to move your body without injury. In Atlanta, you can find all of these things and more at STACK Sports Training & Therapy.

Time to Move

In baseball, playing offense means running the diamond, and if you want to score, you have to move fast. Getting your speed on means running drills. But you also have to work on your agility to be able to turn on a dime.

Throw It to First!

One of the first things kids learn when playing the field is to “throw the ball to first;” your coach would hit a ball, and you would catch it and throw it in. As you begin playing older, stronger, and more highly trained players, you get need to develop your arm for throwing further. The farther you have to throw, the more strain you put on your shoulder; you’ve got to know how to move correctly to avoid repetitive injuries.

Whether you are working on a youth league, high school, college or for the major leagues, we can help you get in the best condition to play injury free. Contact STACK Sports Performance and Therapy for more information on training and sports therapy.

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