Keep an Eye Out for These Fitness Trends in 2018

Here at the start of 2018, you’re making resolutions and goals to better your health.

To help you successfully reach your goals, take a look at a few health and fitness trends we can expect to see emphasized this year.

Low-Intensity “Fun” Workouts

HIIT will still be popular in 2018. But we’ll also see an increase in workout methods that involve more play, imagery, and even virtual reality. The idea is to engage the mind as well as the body.

Group Exercise Training Programs

There’s something motivational about exercising with a group of enthusiastic friends, led by a dynamic instructor. Group programs are part of a growing trend that we may see spill over into 2018.

More Recovery

We can likely expect that there will be more time devoted to proper recovery technique and methods such as cryotherapy.

Functional and Strength Training

People are becoming more aware of the need to strengthen their bodies for everyday activities. Specialized training is also key to enhancing sports performance.

Wearable Fitness Tech

Don’t throw out that Fitbit you got for a gift last year – these gadgets are still hot and helpful. Many fitness experts anticipate that we will continue to rely on such technology in our pursuit of wellness.


This exercise introduces new methods, benefits, and approaches with each year, keeping it a current and adaptable workout method.

DNA Testing

It’s not just for testing for allergies! Some experts believe that analyzing our genetic makeup will help us choose workouts that suit and enhance our bodies’ unique abilities.

To stay on top of these and new trends on the wellness scene, stay connected with STACK Sports Performance & Therapy here in Atlanta.

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