Get Healthy, Stay Healthy

For a lot of people in the US, the first half of the calendar is about getting healthy. Every year, we see the kick off at New Year with resolutions, diets, dry January, and fitness equipment.  Usually, by Easter, the focus has shifted from getting healthy and losing weight to getting the best bikini body for the summer.

At STACK Sports Performance and Therapy, we think getting healthy should always be the goal, and physical movement is part of the prescription for success. This is as true for a person trying to lose weight as it is for an athlete recovering from an injury. Health should always be the overall vision.

What Should I Do Next?

Your health goals will drive your physical activity needs. A weight loss and tone plan may need to do more cardio or HIIT to burn the excess fuel carried on their body; but for a soccer player recovering from a torn ACL, the physical activity will look different.

At our Atlanta facility, we have the ability to work with all types of fitness needs, from weight loss fitness to sports training, and even physical therapy. Our trainers can help you set the goals you need and give you the tools to accomplish them in a fun environment.

Summer Is Coming

Every morning gives you a new chance to decide to be healthy, and make good, health conscious decisions about how you move and what you eat.

This summer, wouldn’t you love to have an extra measure of health and energy? Come see us in Atlanta and get ready to get STACK’d!

Posted on behalf of STACK Sports Training & Therapy