Justin Miller

Justin Miller

Performance Coach


Justin Miller is an accomplished football player. He was a second round draft pick for the New York Jets, in the 2005 NFL draft. Selected to the 2007 Pro Bowl, Justin also claimed the title as the “NFL’s Fastest Man”. He played for the Oakland Raiders, Arizona Cardinals and the Detroit Lions while continuing his college coursework. Justin enjoyed a 7-year professional football career before retiring. Since retirement, Justin has coached defensive backs for Clemson University, PACE Academy in Atlanta and prepared numerous collegiate defensive backs for the NFL draft. He has also served as a consultant for various NFL, NCAA and high school defensive backs. Justin’s goal is to groom every defensive back he works with into an elite defender with great speed, technique and instincts for the game.

Justin Miller is a native of Owensboro, Kentucky. He attended college at Clemson University and earned a bachelor’s degree in Sports Management.

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